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Privacy policy.

Berlac Pinturas y Quimicos de Mexico R.L. de C.V. is a company specialized in trade, import and export, along with the manufacture and application of all kind of industrial chemical specialties. It is located on Vid del Valle # 121 y 123, Tablas de la Virgen, Zip Code 37140 in the city of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.

We respect your privacy and take protection, process and control of personal data very seriously. In order to do so, we hereby display our privacy policy. We guarantee the right to privacy and the right to informational self–determination in accordance with Mexico´s Federal law dispositions on personal data protection held by private corporations. (“LFPDPPP”)

Our privacy policy is made available to you prior to processing your personal data (any personally identifiable information of an identified person), with the intention of informing how we use, store and treat personal data we collect, with the purpose of stating the rights that you are entitled to if you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy and in the event of affectations by its use, storage or processing. If there´s no objection on your behalf, we understand that you fully agree and accept to the use of your personal data by Berlac México according to what is stated in our privacy policy.

In accordance to Articles 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and other relevant articles to the “LFPDPPP", we inform you that  all personal data that you provide us with will be treated legally in accordance to “LFPDPPP” regulations and other applicable regulations taking into account the following:

Information that could be collected from your personal data

Information that you voluntarily submitted through any of the following: in written form, electronic, optical, resonant or through any form of technology, either by a legal relationship (contract, trade, marketing, import, export of any of our industrial chemicals specialties, which provide services or supply goods to our company); through any application form showing interest in our company (resume or job application);  and when you request information via e-mail; during registration to use this website or at registration in our offices. During registration a user is required to give certain information (such as name and email address). This information is used to contact you about the products/services on our site in which you have expressed interest.

This is as follows:

  1. Personal data, such as: name, home address, birthdate, population registry code (CURP), personal phone number, personal or work e-mail.
  2. Education background, such as: career development, degree, professional license, specialty certificate, documents used as proof of higher education.
  3. Employment data, such as: company name, rank, profession, home address, work address, e-mail,  phone number and fax.
  4. Billing data, such as: moral or fiscal person’s name who will be taxed, tax address, official federal  taxpayer (RFC), Constitutive act.
  5. Financial data, such as: banking institution, branch office number, bank account number, total  amount and form of payment.
Personal data processing purpose 

Your data processing will be limited to the fulfillment and purpose of this privacy policy, in order to do so, the information that you voluntarily provide and that contains personal data, will be the following:

The personal data gathered when sending an e-mail to our web page. When you place an order or request an invoice regarding any products within our range of industrial chemical specialties; we will use your information to respond regarding the reason why you contacted us ; if you e-mail your resume; when you log into our web page and register to receive information of interest; we will use your data so we can answer your request in an efficient and prompt way so we can give a proper follow up, to contact you in case your profile fulfills our job criteria in Berlac México; to send you the latest news or updated information related to your search criteria.

Personal data which is collected based on a mutual legal relationship, and which we are obliged to process, will only be used for marketing purpose of products that Berlac México represents; amongst these, sending you promo material, special services or products, invitations, new releases, workshops, breakfast forums or expositions relative to services  and products, financial statements, reports,  account balances, summaries related to the purchased products or services, billing, contract services or products you offer, payment for these services or products, celebrate legal agreements or contracts related to the mutual relation that we develop.

Your personal data may be used for different purposes rather than the above or included in the privacy notices, under condition that such purposes are consistent with those described and can be considered similar in which case your consent will be required promptly.

Security measures adopted by Berlac México to limit the use or release of your personal data.

For your safety and ease regarding personal data we collect, Berlac México complies with mandatory policies and enforceable programs that apply to the whole of our organization, amongst these: we’ve trained all our staff promoting awareness on all issues related to the protection of personal data and Federal Law; we´ve established secure administrative measures concerning technical and administrative procedures to protect your information. We guarantee legal handling marked by principles and obligations established under Federal Law.

Your personal data is added to a database owned by Berlac México and has limited access. Administrative technical and material security measures serve to protect your personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction, or unauthorized use. However it´s important to point out that nowadays either through Internet use, improper access to databases, cyber crimes on the network, as well as armed robbery or criminal acts, these measures are not totally infallible, so Berlac México can’t totally guarantee that your Personal data will be free from any damage, loss, alteration, destruction, access or unauthorized use in case of inevitable circumstances due to events as those mentioned above.

Means to exercise your legal rights as holder of your personal data.

As holder of your personal data, you can enforce your legal rights, by your own means or through a legal representative. Access, amendment (rectification), cancellation and opposition rights (referred to from now on as “ARCO” rights) by presenting your case to the Manager of the Protection of Personal Data at Berlac México and meeting the requirements legally stated by Article 29. For this purpose, you must hand in your petition in person at our offices located at Vid del Valle # 121 y 123, Tablas de la Virgen, zip code 37140, in the city of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Furthermore, you are also informed that at any time you can state your refusal to the handling of personal data for different purposes from those specified in this privacy notice and / or revoke the consent that has been granted through the present privacy notice or limit in any way the treatment given to your information.

As a quick reference and best provisions we hereby list a brief definition of “ARCO” rights:

Access right: is the one that grants you the right to collect, upon request and a reasonable frequency confirmation of the existence or non-existence of your personal data included in Berlac Mexico´s database, as well as information about its origin, how it has been used and, in general, conditions and handling of such data. Submitting of personal data will be charge free except shipping or mailing fees, copies or other format costs. Nevertheless, if you repeat your request in less than a twelve month period, the "Law" grants us the benefit of charging for such a concept, limiting our fee to three days the official wage in the Federal District. If our privacy policy undergoes significant changes which justify further consultations, then it would be charge free.

Ammendment right: is the one that grants you the legal right to update or change your own personal data if any significant changes occur or modify them if incorrect or incomplete. When modifications damage third parties or when you´re legally bound to your personal data, Berlac México will refuse to modify them.

Cancellation right: is the one that grants the right to eliminate your personal data, partially or totally, from Berlac México´s database, due to the fact that the purpose of their collection doesn´t prevail anymore.

Opposition right: is the one that grants the right to refuse the handling of your personal data based on legitimate and justified motives.

Transfer of your personal data

Handling of your personal data will be in accordance to this privacy policy, if there’s any refusal to transfer your personal data to either a national third party or a foreign party, you may enforce the opposition right you´re entitled to and even request that your personal data is deleted from the transferred file. You are entitled to accept or refuse by sending an e-mail or handing in a written document at our offices in the given address. Berlac México will inform the nationals third party or foreign party, the motives why you refused in accordance with this privacy policy, so the third national or foreign party, will comply with the same agreements stated in our privacy policy.

Berlac Mexico will not sell, assign or transfer your personal data to foreign nationals or third parties without your previous consent. However, Berlac México may transfer your personal data when such transfer is permitted by law.

Changes to the privacy policy

Berlac Mexico informs you, that the event of any significant changes in this privacy notice, the updated version will be promptly posted on our website www.berlac-mexico .com

Responsible for personal data protection

If you have any questions or comments regarding the content of this privacy policy, please contact the Manager of Personal Data Protection at our address Vid del Valle # 121 y 123, Tablas de la Virgen, zip code 37140, in the city of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Berlac México informs you that if we don´t answer your petition in accordance to ARCO rights and within the deadline  stated by law you can submit your complaint through an application called Protección de Derechos  and meeting the requirements set by its rules and regulations.