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Corporate culture.


To continue being part of an international group with European roots, which puts its focus on high quality standards.  At Berlac, our goal is to produce and commercialize chemical specialties, offering our customers the best products on the market in order to fulfill their operation requirements. We consider ourselves strategic business associates for both, customers and suppliers.



At Berlac Mexico, we truly believe that complete fulfillment of all interested parties can only be accomplished taking into account the human factor. The integrity of our work team, its productivity, proficiency and compromise are our strongest assets and the utmost important factors to achieve superior quality products thus meeting the company´s objectives. The high standards we represent are strongly reflected in the way our team communicates and interacts.



Our vision is achieved by meeting the expectations of all interested parties:


  • An efficient and effective QMS.
  • A highly profitable organization.


  • Environmental care.
  • Community support.


  • Honest cooperation with mutual understanding and a win-win approach.
  • Mutual growth.


  • To provide customers with high quality products that exceed their expectations.  
  • Honest cooperation with mutual understanding and a win-win approach.
  • Mutual growth.


  • To rely on a daring and proactive team which aims to grow along with the company.



We hold a set of values which act as pillars in the development of activities by our Quality Management Systems at Berlac Mexico. Hence, the lack of any of them would have a direct negative impact in reaching our objective.

  • Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Initiative
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Leadership



Berlac Mexico´s quality policy is evident through a strong commitment of continuous improvement based on product excellency and by meeting the requirements and expectations of all interested parties.

Berlac´s quality management is based on achieving the quality objectives.