Content - Release agents

Release agents.

Our release agents reduce wall resistance between an injected piece and it´s mold resulting in an easier flow of polyurethane during the injection process, for plastics in general and molded concrete. We also provide sliding agents which allow easy extraction of injected pieces from a molded cavity. 

They can be solvent and CFC´s free, guaranteeing an efficient mold release and being environmentally acceptable.

Release agents - non stick formulas - lubricants

  • 100% active content (LF)
  • High solids (HS)
  • Solvent based – conventional release agents
  • Solvent based– paste
  • Solvent based – special concentrates
  • Solvent based – semi permanent – conventional
  • Water based – special concentrates
  • Water based – semi-permanent concentrates 
  • Solvent based sealant for semi-permanent
  • Silicon based aerosol
  • Silicon free aerosol
  • Interior liquids (IMR)
  • Interior powder (IMR)